The temple of Somnath is a conspicuous example of spirituality and modern culture. The first Jyotirling among the twelve, situated at Saurashtra region of Gujarat. Somnath is one of the worth visiting places in Gujarat.

The grandness of the place is felt at very first moment you arrived at the Somnath. A cool breeze establishes a feeling of pleasure and peace inside your mind. The grand Temple of lord Shiva is something beyond magisterial. When you walk towards the temple through roadside you can sense the roar of sea. The entrance of the temple is grand.

The temple is well equipped with good security surveillance through its way for entering in temple. You first come across a large grassy land, benches and lawn where you can enjoy the view of sea and energetic wind all day. You can also see view of garbhgriha of temple through a large screen outside the temple.

SOMNATH- A SPIRITUAL JOURNEYAarti is being performed 4 times a day. The early morning aarti is very jovial. The chanting and the sound of instruments are enough to increase consciousness within you. The adornment ceremony of shivlinga is so holy that you might feel the presence of lord Shiva inside the garbhgriha of temple.
The atmosphere of girbhgriha of the temple is so stupendous that your mind and body gets totally separated from the outside world. You can feel the holiness of the temple the moment you enter inside temple. If you visit Somnath temple during winter than you might be lucky to attend a laser show at the backside of the temple.


Somnath has nearby places which is worth for sightseeing are -  old Somnath temple, Bhalkatirth known as the last place of lord Krishna !(isn’t this duet combination of the creators of the world? ) , there is another place known as Geetamandir. It is said that at this place lord Krishna took his last breath and went to heaven, there is Panchpandav caves which was built by Pandvas when the battle of Krukshetra was over. Trivenisangam, again a nice place to visit but unfortunately not properly maintained.

The night at Somnath is very humid; and the people of Somnath are very generous. Overall a very worth visiting place for 1-2 days, but only during off season, the reason for choosing off season is in the absence of heavy rush of visitors; you can move around very peacefully and nicely. Somanth is very serene place with the beauty of wide sea and the roar of its tides. It is the mixture of the two creators of the world lord Shiva and lord Krishna. The temple is being attacked by many Islamic emperors but still with the grace of lord Shiva it is still the source of positive and vibrant energy.  


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