How to delete my instagram followers?

Delete instagram followers

Social media is a fantastic platform. People interact, grow their businesses, share thoughts, upload videos and photos to let the world know what is happening in their lives.

Instagram is a photo sharing platform acquired by Facebook.

In Instagram, the user may face a situation where he has an enormous number of followers (who can see his profile). It may be possible that a user by chance has accepted the followers’ requests, but now the user wants to delete the followers or prohibit the unknown people from seeing your pictures.

However, Instagram does not provide such a way to make your followers unfollowing you. You have to block them to stop them stalking you.

To prevent your follower, you must follow the following steps.    

Step 1 Go into your profile.

Delete instagram followers

Step 2 Click on followers.

Delete instagram followers

Step 3 After Step 2, you should be seeing the list of the user who can see your photos, i.e., your followers.

Delete instagram followers

Step 4 Now select the user’s profile which you want to block.

Step 5 After the following previous steps successfully, you may have the user’s profile. Now click on a button (mentioned in the below image).

Delete instagram followers

Step 7 Click on block option to stop them following you. 
Delete instagram followers

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