5 Exclusive Tips about Safety Driving

5 Exclusive Tips about Safety Driving

Driving needs significant attention since the slightest mistake can result in severe consequences of accident.

Do you get nervous while driving in heavy traffic?

Do you often make mistake like touching others vehicles with yours?

Do you face scratches while parking and driving?

If yes, then you must follow these five simple tips to ensure a safety driving.

1.    Check fuel and air in your tires.

For long journeys, you must inspect that enough combustibles are available in your car. Also, check pressurized air is present in your tire because in long journeys tires with less air may blow due to the extensive heat of the atmosphere and friction. 

5 Exclusive Tips about Safety Driving

You must use nitrogen gas instead of pure air because in the air there is 78 percent nitrogen and 21 percent oxygen with 1 percent extra gasses. Nitrogen does not resettle from its place so the overall pressure of your tires will be maintained if you use nitrogen gas instead of regular air. Though the normal air is more cost effective than pure nitrogen gas, for the better journey and real sustainability of your tires, nitrogen gas is suggested.

2.    Be attentive.

Attention is very crucial yet necessary in driving. A driver must know traffic's rules and regulations to avoid congestion and accidents. You must keep in mind the speed limit of the road and drive responsibly. 

5 Exclusive Tips about Safety Driving

You must direct your focus on the road and then drive because if your attention is distracted by your thoughts or by the fellow passengers than it could lead to some severe outcomes.  

Do not expect that other drivers cannot make mistakes. Be ready and prepared about if other drivers make mistakes then how would you survive in such conditions.

3.    Use your car attributes.


A drive must ensure that headlights, taillights, and turn signals are properly working or not. You should also use your horn judiciously. A car must be visible for times from its headlights on.
5 Exclusive Tips about Safety Driving 

Also, if these attributes are not working properly, then you must not be indolent in replacing these aspects. Frequently check the quality of your brakes, lubricants and oiling in your car must be proper.

5 Exclusive Tips about Safety DrivingYou can also visit the nearest garage and consult a mechanic for a better condition of your automobiles.

Also, keep your eyes moving and checking the roads and turnings. Keep checking the vehicles behind your car through rear view mirror.


4.    Drive from a distance and use hazard lights.


5 Exclusive Tips about Safety DrivingYou should maintain a particular distance from other vehicles while driving on the road. Keep around five seconds space between yours and other vehicles so that in case you have to brake suddenly, a major crash between vehicles can be avoided.

While you have to stop on a road due to unforced errors, switch on the hazard lights to avoid accidents and call the help. Wait for the authority to arrive for aid and don't hand over your automotive to a random individual.


5.    Avoid talking.

5 Exclusive Tips about Safety Driving

Do not use your cell phone and also avoid chit-chat with fellow passengers during a self-drive journey. Because it not only distracts the driver but makes him tired, he cannot focus on the road, hence it increases the chances of accidents.  

Do not attend you cellphone's ring and messages while driving. The person on the other side of the phone can wait for your reply but your life will not bear you from silly a mistake.

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