Do Not Read While Traveling: Here's Why

Do Not Read While Traveling: Here's Why

Traveling means exploring. Exploring a new world while moving from one place to another. Some people do it by choice and some by force. Everyone has a different way to pass the time while traveling. A few like to read books to cut the time and avoid boredom but, medically it is not advised to read anything while traveling. Here is the reason for why we should not read while traveling.

If you are a bookworm, and you are always eager to encounter the suspense and thrill of the novel residing in your bag, then let it be there because it is not suggested to read novels, books, newspapers during a journey. Some people also like to use social media to chat with their friends. However, these activities will weaken the eyesight.

Anatomy of Human Eye

Do Not Read While Traveling: Here's Why

If we consider that how our eyes work, then we come to know that when light reflects from an object, then our eyes catches the reflection and decipher the object. After receiving the reflected light from an object, we can see that particular object clearly. This phenomenon applies when the object is stationary. While traveling the words and pictures printed on the paper is continuously moving if you are traveling in a bus or a car or a train. Though words are modulating more frequently while traveling in a bus instead of a train, making the reading tough to comprehend because the content is continuously moving and the reader finds difficult to understand the words due to improper and steady vision on the paper. Though one can read while traveling by airplane.

Doctors also suggest not to read while traveling as the activity puts a lot of strain on the ciliated muscles of our eyes which eventually affects the vision of the eyes. Hence, we must not be glued to the reading books, newspapers, use of social media or anything that affects the eyes and puts a strain on the eyes.

So again the question remains the same of how to kill the time while traveling because a long journey is cumbersome. 

Here are a few solutions.

Play games.

You can play cards if you are traveling with a group, you can also play antakhsri or dumbsharas with your friends while going.


Listen to music.

Do Not Read While Traveling: Here's Why
If you are traveling alone, then you can go with this alternative. Just put on your headphones and play your playlist of favorite songs. Enjoy harmonic tone of your favorite romantic song, enjoy the retro music or keep nodding along with the beats of your favorite wrapper can be the best way.  This method is mostly used by the people because the music gives the soothing experience and it does not only evade the time but also calms the mind and gives the soothing experience.

Watch movies.

Now if you are traveling in a bus, and if you are one of those lucky passengers who have a video coach, then you can enjoy the movies on an LCD screen of the bus. This is again a good way to utilize the time because a good movie can not only entertain the people but may give lessons sometimes.

Do Not Read While Traveling: Here's Why

Chit chat with fellow passengers.

People who are extrovert and have a talkative nature can go ahead with this tip. Continuously listening to music will cause the hearing problem, and movies can last up to only 3 to 4 hours. So talking with another passenger and using your voluble skills smartly and efficiently can help you evade your time. 

People traveling in a group sometimes busy using mobile phones. They keep listening to music even though they are going with the friends. Do not waste this precious time of group traveling in some silly gadgets. Friends are one of the precious gems of life one can ever have. Talk with them. Cherish old memories or make some to be remembered in future. I mean, come on who can love to recall memories of using cell phones while traveling in a beautiful hill station with school friends! 

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