How to Tackle a Situation Where You are Taken For Granted

The most common situation every emotional person has to face is when he/she is taken for granted. In a group of friends, family, office those people feel the most about everybody and also suffers maximum than others because their emotional side got hurt whenever someone they care about does not give a damn what he feels, in short, consider him "taken for granted." 

How to Tackle a Situation Where You are Taken For Granted

What is that feeling?

A few people engage so much that they build a strong relation with others with utmost trust. They spend time with them, hang out, laughing, and so on. But sometimes they suddenly started behaving awkwardly and different from what they used to. They still care for others but not act as lively as earlier; they talk with them whenever they require. Though they still feel the same for others, but do not share and express their vivid nature as they used to. 

Taken for granted means when someone thinks like-

 "Okay, he is always there for me. Even though I do not talk, do not share my feelings for him or forget something about him he won't bother because he feels for me.

Also, when someone we know started giving less attention to us than our ego-mind does not like that, and we become miserable.

Those people may feel same for us, but somehow their behavior to us become strange. 

They don’t care about how we feel when they are behaving awkwardly.

They don’t know that we are hurt. 

Our rational behavior towards them does not count anymore. 

Here, we are going to discuss how to get rid of the situation when you are taken for granted. 

Ask and discuss. 

You should ask that person face-to-face and tell them that you don’t like their changed behavior. Ask them what the actual reason behind their change is. If they trust you, they may understand your situation and try to improve and share their problem. Now, whatever their reaction is, you should not be impatient and angry at them. Talk calmly and ask the reason.

Many problems of our lives can be solved through just discussing. Try to sit and spend some quality time with that person and share your feelings. They would understand. 

Tell someone to intervene. 

If you feel that the person may not say the actual reason even if you ask him, bring someone who is a common friend.

Take help from a mutual friend and request him to try to know what is going on inside the head of the person. In this way, you can know what  the person is feeling for you and what is wrong with him, and so on.

After knowing the matter, you can move ahead and voluntarily ask the person what went wrong and try to sort out everything. If you think that you can not solve the problem, let the time fix the issue. In this way, you can get your old friend back.  

Let it go.

Sometimes, even though you cling at the point that everything will fall in place, things seem not working. At that time you must not stick to that person and wasting your time thinking about them. 

Everyone we come across has a purpose to fulfill, a role to play in our lives. It may happen that even though you talk to them, there seem no changes in their behavior. Hence, their role would be over, and we should not waste our energies in convincing them. Move on and remember that everything happens for a better tomorrow.

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